• One of Tewkesbury's most significant historic buildings

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The Tudor House Hotel – which was once known as the Old House, was built in 1546 and is historically one of the most important buildings in Tewkesbury.

The original 16th century timber building was re-fronted with bricks at the start of the 18th. century. The rainwater heads are thought to have been installed around this period. In 1897the Victorians re-fronted the building with mock-timbering to keep with the fashion of the day. On the right of the building is a stone gateway leading to one of the few remaining English courtyards enclosed with a high wall mostly consisting of the original bricks. Also extremely noteworthy is the lead water-butt, dating back to 1747, standing next to the heavy oak side door with its battle axe scars made by Jacobite rioters on the Coronation of King George I in 1714.

Renowned local author, John Moore (born 1907), lived here as a child and described it in ‘Portrait of Elmhury‘ as “the loveliest house in Elmbury“. He would have sat on the window seats looking through the leaded diamond panes at the Street children playing Hoops, Marbles, Conkers, Tipcat, Tops and Hopscotch. The Tewkesbury Civic Society was founded here in 1965; John Moore was the President until he died in 1967. The Society, in July 1983, subscribed to a plaque in his memory which may be seen on the front of the building.

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